Eventually I expanded to three locations.Geno Smith Jersey I had one in Weston, one in Pembroke Pines, and then the South Beach one.Aaron Rodgers Jersey (Former Dolphins running back)Terry Kirby still leases the property I have in Weston. There was a who's who of celebrities in the South Beach gym back then and in Weston there were a whole lot of NFL players, whether they lived here in the off-season or not.Mike Wallace Jersey There wasn't the off-season program the teams have now, so there always were a lot of athletes who were in the gym. ''They were fabulous locations.Carlos Hyde Jersey I was very fortunate. The timing was great and I had a lot of fun. It was great going to work when you're in an atmosphere where you are always happy and comfortable.Dak Prescott Jersey So it worked out well." Like most good things, though,Leonard Floyd Jersey this one came to an end. But Bosa was ready for it. ''I owned them for about 12 years and then felt it was the time to get out of the gym business,Mark Ingram Jersey" he said. ''The big chains started coming in to South Florida, the LA Fitnesses and companies like that,Lane Johnson Jersey and it made it a little harder to compete. The gyms were still very competitive, but I was a little spoiled being the only guy on the block for such a long time.Russell Wilson Jersey So I just thought it was time to start looking at other things. ''I was very involved in actually building the health clubs. With some I bought the land the built the building and others were just renovations.Delanie Walker Jersey So it was kind of natural for me to be involved in the construction side of things, having built the gyms and then getting involved in renovating and building some properties.